The Gold Standard Return Return


1. One-Stop Shop

We deal with everyone, so you don't have to (from City Councils, MAF, MPI, testing labs, FSANZ to Ministry of Health). All the services you need, including information, can be found at one place so you don't have to chase up different contacts or inquire about requirements, changes and regulations.

2. End-to-end process

We're with you from the start to the finish. Whether it is something as complicated as a Food Control Plan, or an audit, we'll begin the process with you and make sure you complete it.

3. Keep costs down by keeping things in house

We train and educate your senior staff to become food safety trainers. This will drive the change in your operation through continuous improvement and sustain the desired level of quality. Any new staff joining your business can therefore be trained in house, lowering your training costs.

4. Efficient and Flexible

Our food safety specialists tend to be quite flexible with their appointments, and due to being in high demand, they are always fast and efficient in providing service.

5. Competitive pricing

Once a month, for only 24 hours, we provide the best price in the industry for services and consultations. Subscribe to our newsletter so you are informed in time.