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A Food Control Plan (FCP) sets out what steps and processes a food business has to follow in order to make safe food. It has to be specifically designed and tailored for each food operation. Before an FCP can be developed, we need to spend a few hours on site with operators and a supervisor (or a manager) to familiarize ourselves with the operation as well as the processes that are already in place.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we can then move on to customizing the plan. The final product will include a full FCP with all the templates, which will be then be followed up by an application for registration with your local Council.


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Food control plans

A food control plan (FCP) sets out what steps a business making or selling higher-risk foods needs to take to make safe food. You use it to identify risks and show how they're being managed. It means customers will know your food is safe – and it can help you create a successful food business.