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Basic Food Safety knowledge is important for your business (commercial food preparation) as well as your customers. Knowing how to handle, prepare and store food is just a start because there is a number of potential food hazards that can happen at any moment if correct processes are not followed, such as:

    • Proper cleaning and sanitization of equipment and surfaces
    • Implementation of effective pest control
    • Allergens Management and understanding food allergies, food intolerances and food poisoning
    • Temperate Control of food
    • Prevention of Cross-Contamination

If you want to protect your business and your customers, then you have to make sure that your teams are properly trained to be champions in Food Safety - and that is something that we can most certainly help you with.


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NZ guide issued to help businesses understand food safety responsibilities
By News Desk on November 5, 2018

New Zealand Food Safety has published a food safety guide for directors, executives and business owners.

The guide contains information on the importance of food governance, responsibilities and roles in assuring food safety performance, and tools to monitor and verify system operations. It says effective food safety practices can lead to a competitive advantage.

"Food safety failures can be costly in terms of direct costs, such as lost production time and product recalls, but other costs such as loss of business focus, reputation and consumer trust can weigh more heavily. Collectively, they can lead to company failure," according to the guide.