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Lower-risk food businesses operate under National Programmes regulated by the Food Act 2014. With 3 levels (lower, medium and high risk), depending on the type of food operation, a national programme will require details such as records (to indicate you are selling safe food), your business registration and verification by an MPI recognized verifier, and in case you are involved in processing food, the business will need to meet national programme processing requirements.

To find out more, including the pricing plan for National Programme 1, National Programme 2 and National Programme 3, as well as the timeframes for having them drawn up and developed, have a chat with our Food Safety specialist or schedule an appointment.


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Food Safety - National Programme Registration
July 5, 2018

Members will be aware that Olives NZ has been working with MPI since April 2017 about the National Programme 1 for growers and exemption from the one aspect of National Programme 3 that is packaging. This is so that members would only need to apply for National Programme 1 but would be required to detail their packaging processes if applicable.