The Gold Standard



Before you can start selling and/or producing food, you have to make sure your business is registered, as stipulated under the Food Act 2014. This means that before that first customer walks through the door, you will need to already have in place either a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme, depending, of course, on the nature of your business.

Only when the FCP or National Programme is verified, to ensure you are following regulations while selling (safe) food, will you be able to pocket that first sale. When verified, your business will undergo regular checks that will involve inspecting your records and checking that you are following good safety practices. The frequency of these checks will depend on how well you are managing your food safety and if you are considered a low or high-risk food operation.


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Inspection (verification) of your food business

Aromatawaitanga (whakatuturutanga) mo to pakihi mahi kai

All food businesses need an inspection to receive a food grade. This is referred to as verification. Conditions of verification depend on whether you registered your business under a food control plan (FCP) or national programme.