The Gold Standard



Selling food in New Zealand is regulated under the Food Act 2014 and the Food Standard Australia New Zealand Code, which states that all food products must meet labelling and composition requirements. The consequence of noncompliance is straightforward - product recalls, lost sales, displeased customers (you most likely will lose forever) and usually a hefty fine.

Our service guarantees just the opposite - compliance with the regulations and a target market well informed about your product through professional nutrition profiles and labelling.


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Gluten-free products recalled over fears they're not gluten-free
Paula Hulburt - 16:22, Nov 09 2018

A spice business in Blenheim has stopped selling its gluten-free products online because it cannot prove they are gluten-free.
Raizada Foods has withdrawn all batches of its own pre-mixed spice and curry range from its online business, which sells across New Zealand.
The move comes as the Ministry for Primary Industries vetoed sales in the wake of concerns over possible allergy issues as the gluten-free claims could not been substantiated.